who is chelsea gill?


Country music has been dying for new voices...female voices.

While it entertaining, “Bro Country” simply doesn’t have the substance listeners are longing for when they turn on their radio. Chelsea Gill is one of these new, pure voices that can take you back to what Country’s all about. 

While no stranger to writing for Music Row in Nashville, Chelsea has decided to walk into the spotlight and released her debut self-titled EP in April of 2016, with singles “What Kinda Trouble” and “Tennessee Heat” already leaving a lasting impression in listeners everywhere.

Wanting to start her career by giving back to others, Gill has decided to donate $1 for every 10 views of her “Tennessee Heat” music video to the Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund. The organization provides college grants and nancial assistance to surviving children and spouses of U.S. military service members who have lost their lives as a result of their service in the Iraq or Afghanistan wars.

“[Around Memorial Day], I felt I had an opportunity to honor those who gave their lives for my freedom,” said Gill. “I don’t have much to give yet, but this is a way I can give something. I hope it inspires others to give and focus on those who are in need around us.”

Chelsea’s debut EP is a wonderful compilation of her best work. The tracks range from heart-felt ballads, to classic tales of heartbreak and whiskey-sipping nights. Each track has a pop structure that will leave you humming the melodies when you’re through. Her music also has the special gift of appealing to people of various age groups, showcasing her writing ability and maturity.

When asked what Chelsea’s dreams are for her music she says, “As much as people have physical needs, we also have the need to be understood and appreciated and to have our stories told. I think that can be just as important as meeting someone’s physical needs. When people feel known and can relate to other’s stories, you don’t feel so alone. Music has always been that for me - a way to feel like I’m not alone and I want my music to be that for other people too.”